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There is nothing quite like walking the halls of Bristol Fruit and Veg Market at 3am picking out produce for your customers

Our Produce

Frankly we can supply anything you want if you give us a little notice.  If you’ve ever been up to Covent Garden at 4:00am and walked through the halls you’ll know that, excepting world shortages, there is not much we cannot get hold of for you; from the everyday fruit and veg that keeps us all going to edible flowers!  If you need it, we’ll do our best to get it.

Dairy produce is delivered daily and covers milk, cream, eggs and any other things you need.
Prepped potatoes are one of our customers favourites and are designed to make the lives of the pubs and restaurants we supply that much easier!  We do all the hard work of peeling them and then we store them in fresh water – with no additives to hold them for long periods – and we deliver them to you the very next day.  We can also prep other vegetable for you if you wish – just let us know what you need.

To be honest, we just love fresh produce and the challenge of seeking it out and it is this enthusiasm that has enabled us to grow over the last few years into one of the best local wholesalers.

We will not compromise our, or your, standards by settling for anything but the best we can buy and the keenest prices. You can place your orders at anytime and be assured of a delivery when you want it, and if we can we will always dig you out of trouble with second deliveries or special orders.