What’s In The Box from The Nearly Naked Veg Company

What’s In The Box from The Nearly Naked Veg Company

In next week’s boxes English Asparagus It’s the best you can get. Low in calories, low in cholesterol, no fat and very little sodium, what’s not to like. If you cook it right, you can’t beat it and I love mine with a bit of butter. There are only another three weeks left of asparagus so indulge while you can

English lettuce – Lollo Rosso. This is top notch as well. We’ll alternate between Lollo Rosso, which has purple leaves, and Lollo Biende, which is green. It’s a new crop, so very intense in flavour. I love mine with a touch of good quality balsamic vinegar.

Spring Onions A perfect accompaniment for any salad.

Spring Greens These are our first leafy cabbages of the year. They have bags of iron, vitamins C,E and K, potassium fibre and calcium in them and they are really good for you. I love them sliced, steamed and drizzled with melted butter. And you don’t need to throw away the stems either, just slice them more thinly. You’ll find they are actually sweeter than the leaf.

Also in the boxes are onions, English carrots, potatoes, a swede, and sweet potatoes.

Out in the fields It’s gone from being very muddy to very dusty in the space of a few days. The broad beans are looking good and will be ready in about three weeks. The spring onions are also looking good, but they need a lot of weeding. And the rabbits are out in force, enjoying the sunshine and eating all the leafy crops. We’ve been preparing the beds for the carrots, courgettes and beetroot and they will go in any day now.

The soil temperature isn’t quite high enough for the summer crops, but as soon as it is, we’ll plant fine beans, mange tout and sugar snap peas.

Tips for your own gardens Get on top of the weeds now before they start to germinate. It will pay off in the long run.

Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday Please note there will be no deliveries on the Tuesday, June 5 and instead, all deliveries will be made on Saturday, June 2.

Enjoy your boxes, Ben