Aditional Items and Twitter!!

Dear Nearly Nakeds!

After lots of thought we have now put together what we think is a great little list of additional products for you to order alongside your veg and fruit boxes!

The idea is simple - you buy a fruit or veg box, and then add those extra items that you could really do with more of to top up your order. Maybe your family gets through more potatoes thn you ever thought possible, or your son has suddenly developed an obsession with tomatoes (there are worse things!). Whatever the reason, the products are there ready for you to add to your order.

We should say, this list has come about as a result of your feedback so we hope you enjoy and make use of it!

Finally, you can now find us on twitter @nearlynakedveg - for those technologiclly minded it is a great way to keep in touch with what we are doing!

Eat Well!