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Last year ended maybe not quiet the way we all expected with the poor weather and less than acceptable sales moving into the New Year. One of the problems as a grower was that due to the decrease in sales triggered by the weather, we had, and still do, excess produce in our fields with a limited market for it. We are now on a time bomb as we have until the end of March/ beginning of April to harvest everything prior to it flowering and deeming it un-usable. The cold weather in January caused many problems for the large commercial growers...

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Dear Nearly Nakeds,

We are so sorry for the late notice, but we will unfortunately be unable to supply bread for the next few weeks. Regular orders that are processed with the bread included will have the cost of the bread immediately refunded.

We apologise for the short notice which is due to the temporary closure of the bakehouse. Sadly our bread making skills are not up to scratch!

Eat Well!

Sam, Ben and Cooper

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